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Feel your best

Vir die van julle wat meer gemaklik is in Afrikaans. Julle is welkom om my ook te kontak en ons kan al die korrespondensie in afrikaans doen!

What is this website about?

It is about being the best you can be by bringing your body and mind to a healthy level.

It is about taking responsibility for your own health physically and emotionally and to


The body is fantastic. We were each born with a body that can look after itself, a body with the capability to heal itself. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world without stress and with perfect food, water and living conditions. Therefore our bodies are not in perfect shape. Would it not be nice to grow old without losing that perfect health state? It will be awesome to live a full life and be able to do whatever we want and stay healthy. To the older people amongst us this may seem impossible and to the young ones getting health restrictions may feel far away in their future but it is a reality for each one of us. We can make a choice. Either help the body to be its best or let it go and suffer the consequences.

When you buy a new car you definitely do not use it every day and never pay attention to maintenance. NOOOO a car is expensive and you want it in good shape to last as long as possible without giving problems. So what do you do? You put in fuel as needed. Good fuel!! No second-hand nonsense that is going to ruin the engine. You check the water and the oil and add that when needed. You regularly check the tyre pressure. You take the car for regular services. You even clean the car inside and out on a regular basis. All this is work and takes time and money but if you want your car to last this is the way to go.

Now my question is…. Do you do all this and spend time and effort on your own body too? If not then it is a good time to start because your body cannot stay in good shape if it was not looked after since the day you were born. It is effort and money and time, but the dividend is worth so much that it is something you cannot afford to miss.

Think for a while… we clean everything around us... the house, the garden, the car, the dishes, our clothes and our outside bodies. How often do we clean our body from the inside? This is only one of the many questions I can ask you about maintaining your body...

This is what “Feel your best” is all about. I want to help you and teach you how to be the best person you can possibly be. I want to teach you how to look after your body and how to get yourself in a healthy, balanced state. I want to help you not only balance your body, but also balance your emotions so that you can feel good “inside” too.

I know this may seem like a mouthful, but it is easier than you think. The secret is to take responsibility for your health and start giving your body, mind and soul the treatment it deserves and the reward will be worthwhile. A happy and balanced body and mind combination can heal  all kinds of ailments and return the body to a balanced healthy state.

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