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Healthy eating

For those who want to take health really serious!

Now that you have come this far and you know what your physical and emotional areas are that you have to pay attention to, you can feel very excited about the future. Your life is going to change and our aim is to get you ready for the rest of your healthy life. To keep on feeling great it is necessary to make lifestyle changes of which the most important thing is eating healthy. The saying "you are what you eat" definitely explains why healthy eating is important. It is actually very simple... everything that goes on inside you is powered by what you take in, so get that right and you will be on the best route to health.

Before I get to healthy eating I want to emphasize a few other lifestyle everyday things that you have to pay attention to. I am not going to say very much about these now because in my blog we will discuss many of these suggestions and issues later.

1.  Water

Drinking enough water is crucial and the reason therefore is that the water has to wash the body inside. It has to be water, not any other liquid. If you are wondering why, the answer is quite simple. Say for instance your dishes have been pilling up and you need to wash them. You would not consider washing your dishes in coke or coffee or milk or any other liquid than water so why do that to your own body? How much water?  One 250ml glass for every 10kg of your body mass plus 2 extra glasses. So if you are weighing 73kg its 7 plus 2 glasses. 

2.  Sleep

Every night when the Walt Disney World theme park close their gates and the crowds go home, the most important hours of the Disney park begin. Big lights go up and massive crews of workers repair and clean every ride, every walkway and every concession stand. When the gates open the next morning, the parks are completely renewed. The trash from the previous day is gone and the roller coasters are in top condition again. A similar thing happens every night in your body. During those precious hours of sleep your body shuts down and repairs itself. Your immune system recharges. Your major organs are restored. Old cells are being replaced with new ones. Your mind relaxes and arrange its thoughts, creating a healthy mental state. 

3.  Detox

Most people are toxic to some degree. Toxins build up in the body and has to be taken care of just like you take out your garbage daily. There are a lot of reasons why we have toxins in our bodies. To name but a few, we can...

  • breathe it in

  • drink it with our water

  • take it in with our food

  • absorb it through the skin

  • take it in very unexpectedly, with household products or cigarette smoke (even if you do not smoke yourself)

The important thing is to get rid of these toxins again before it makes you sick. The first things that happens when we build up toxins and have a toxic overload is that we lack energy, experience environmental allergies and food sensitivities and develop excessive mucus production. So the bottom line is we have to get rid of toxins!!

4.  Stress

We all live busy and fast lives. Thats the way it is, but the stress it brings onto our bodies is making us sick and we have to find ways to relieve that. Stress comes in two categories:

  1. The things we can and should control

  2. Things we cannot control

Stress to a certain extend can be good for the body, but the problem arises when it gets too much. We all have to work on ways to manage the stress.

5.  Exercise

We consist mainly of water and to exercise means to stir these waters. When water sits for a long time it eventually becomes toxic and on the other hand, when water moves, life thrives. Exercise does not mean you have to get up and run a marathon. What your body needs is a normal amount of movement and exercise to keep it healthy.

There are loads more to say on all of these above mentioned topics and you are welcome to e-mail me for advice on any of them. What I am offering you here is to help you start with a healthy diet. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT REMEMBER!

Send me an e-mail with information on what you like and dislike regarding food and include any health info that would play a role in your diet eg diabetes. Tell me a bit more about your lifestyle... things like … when you would like to have your main meal... and for R200 I offer to work out a diet for two weeks that will suit your lifestyle and food choices in the best way possible while still focusing on a healthy diet.


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