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Bach Flowers


For every human being and especially those who feel tired, stressed and emotionally run down.

It is my strong believe that attitude of mind plays a vital role in recovery from illness and maintaining health. The purpose of the Bach Flower remedies is to support a person's fight against illness by addressing the emotions that goes along with it and can impede healing.​

Dr. Edward Bach discovered 38 remedies, each for a specific emotion and mental state. When working on physical health we use the stems, roots and leaves of a plant, but when working with emotions it is the flowers we are looking for. 37 of the remedies are based on wild flowers and tree blossoms. The exception, Rock water, is made from the water of a natural spring with healing properties. All 38 work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned. Thus two people with the same physical complaint may benefit from quite different remedies. One person may be resigned to the illness, while the other may be impatient with it, so different remedies will be appropriate in each case.​Why are we talking about taking remedies for emotions when dealing with a physical illness? The answer is simple. The body, mind and soul cannot be separated. To truly heal from a physical illness the emotions have to be balanced as well. The aim is to get to a state of overall balance. Then we have reached a truly healthy state. The aim of taking the remedies is not to suppress negative attitudes, but to transform them into positive ones stimulating one’s own potential for self-healing and freeing the physical system to engage fully in fighting disease and stress.

On the other hand you don’t have to be physically ill to benefit from the remedies. We all go through times of difficulty and fatigue when negativity creeps in. We are all confronted with lots of emotional situations daily. It is in these times that the remedies are invaluable in restoring the balance before physical symptoms appear. The remedies can be taken on their own or in conjunction with any medication. They are completely safe, have no unwanted side-effects and are non-addictive. They are gentle in action, although very effective and can safely be taken by people of all ages from new-born babies to elderly people and even animals.

People may ask if this is not all in the mind and how it can be possible that emotions and physical illness are so interrelated, but giving it just a minute of thought will let you realise that it all makes sense. We are one human being and cannot separate the physical body from the rest. No two people experience the same emotions and therefore it is important to determine which of the remedies a person needs and then mix them together correctly to get the desired effect. As the emotions come into balance it is important to rethink the situation and change remedies to assist in balancing the new forthcoming emotions. I truly recommend using a mixture for 30 days and then evaluate the situation again. Buying all the remedies that one person needs and changing every 30 days can be expensive and to help you out on this... making use of our premix system rather than buying all the remedies yourself is advisable.

How does it work? ….. Contact me via e-mail or WhatsApp and I will send you an assessment form or engage in conversation with you to help you choose the right remedies to use for your specific needs. The assessment will cost you R300, including your first bottle of remedies for a month. The mix will be entirely unique for you and no other person will benefit from that mix the way you will. This is the reason the remedies work so fantastic. Dr. Bach’s aim was to keep the remedies effective and simple so that everyone can use them in their homes for the whole family. As soon as you are relaxed with the remedies you are taking and see them working I can also teach you to assess yourself regularly and choose your own remedies.


Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between mind, soul and body and this is not a difficult far away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it.

                                                           Dr. Edward Bach

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